Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its our Anniversery Again

Well we made it another month. We are officially at 2 years and 4 months in wait
status. Just yesterday I read on RQ that they issued the referrals for July 09 and they are up to the date March 22,2006. That is our LID one year earlier. Unless there is a speed up we have one year and 4 months before we will get our referral.

I know that God has a plan ....and everything has a season but our season seems to be
stuck in slow gear.

I also know God if Faithful and he is good all the time and I will just have to stretch my patience a bit longer as we live his wonderful adventure.

Since our last up date there has been quite a bit going on in the Wheeless Household.Our last update was exactly one month ago, We started the Horse Back Riding camp and Stu was in Texas for a business training meeting. Caroline did really well with her horseback riding all week long. I have not figured out how to add photos yet but I will.

4th of July we went to Charleston and we worked on Stu's dads house staging and getting it ready for the Market. We have since been told the house looks immaculate.
It is still getting allot of showings but no takers yet. It has made someones short list but they must sell their home first. We have hope. That evening we went to Patriots Point Park in Mt .Pleasant for the fireworks show. We lucked out and found great parking close by. We still had about 3/4 of a mile walk in and out carrying our chairs but we had great seats and they were comfortable. We were so close by in our parking we were home 15 min after the show was over. Again I will try to add photos as soon as possible.

When we returned to Sanford we joined the Moose chapter 386 in Sanford . Both my
Mothers dad and my dad were members of the local Moose. This one has a women's chapter
so I joined as Stu is still very busy with his job and his job search.
We can now use their swimming pool which is very nice. It starts at 2 ft and goes to 9ft with the majority being 3-5 ft. Perfect for a 6yr old who loves to swim.
I bought her some weighted rings and she loves to throw them in and dive after them.
as soon as I figure out the photo thing I will put in another photo here. We have
been swimming as often as the pool is open. We have been at least an hour per day
so Caroline can enjoy her summer here .

Cheer leading continues . Caroline is loving Cheer leading and continues to be
very focused and working hard on Forward Rolls, and back bends. We are working also
on her Cart Wheels and Hand Stands. She needs to get control of her core muscle group a bit better but she has improved a great deal.

First Grade. Today is our third day of school and she is Loving it. In her words her first day of first grade was AWESOME ! Her teachers name is Mrs. Beeker and her
assistant is Mrs. Harwood. I have heard nothing but good things about both of them, from past students and other parents as well. Today she could not get out the door
fast enough and when we arrived her teacher was on car duty and she couldn't wait to
get out of the car so she could hug her teacher.

August is coming quickly upon us and we are planning Caro lines 7Th birthday party.
She has chosen the cowgirl theme. We will be making our cake and invitations by hand
and she is so excited to have a hand in this. It will be a pink cowgirl boot for both. We will have cowgirl hats and bandannas and paper bag vests that we will make
for each child to wear. It will be a BBQ and we will Serve Hamburgers and Hot dogs
and Potato Salad and baked beans as well as cake and ice cream.
All for now . c u next time

Monday, June 22, 2009

Anniversery Day

How many anniversaries will be have before we get our girl/s ? Today is 2 years and
3 months that we are Logged in with China . From what I am reading in recent referrals received it appears that maybe it will be about 3 years and about a month or so. That puts us sometime in April 2010. That is my birthday month. So that would
make a nice birthday present . Oh heck it would make a nice present any day of the
week month or year we get that news .

It still does not feel real I guess when you get that call it gets real Quick !
Congrats to all of those families that have received that present this week .

Sadly we our month of June has not been with out sad news. Our dear Friends Tom
and Lisa Floyd lost Toms Dad and just a week later Stu's dad went on to be with
Jesus and Mu mu. We know he is in a better place and he is happy now. He has suffered for a year and 1/2 since we lost MU in Jan 07 he has gone down hill at a
steady pace. Difficult to watch. Honestly it was a relief to see him go on but it
is still hard on us. Losing both of his parents in the less than 2 years we are gone from Charleston.

Today is another special day it is Carolin's first time at Summer camp. I cant believe my baby is old enough to attend. She chose Horseback riding camp and has been there since 8 am this morning. So I will go and pick her up and hopefully catch photo of her on her first day that I can post here later.

I will be back later to tell her story.

Back home again. I rushed off to pick up Caroline and be there early enough to snap a photo or
two before it ended but it was over when I got there. The instructor told me she did really well.
She went on a trail ride in the woods and she rode a horse called " Cuz " today. I did get a photo
of her by one of the horses this afternoon and I will try to figure out how to post it on here today.
Tomorrow I will take a photo at drop off and pick up.

We stopped by a Theresa's house on the way home to pick up my keys and pampered chef .
It was so nice to see her again . We were gone for the funeral and then she and her family
were gone on their summer vacation . I missed my buddy . We left her house about 1pm
and I thought we had to go to Cheer leading. So I rushed Caroline in the house and out of her
clothes and into Cheer leading clothes and get washed and eat quick we have to go.
Only to get to Cheer leading and find out its Monday and we have Cheer leading on Tues , Wed, & Thursdays . Oh me ! I am however relieved because Caro is tired after being up late last night
and getting up early for Summer camp this morning.

We have Vacation Bible School tonight at 630 pm . They are teaching about the extreme life
of Abraham. Always great for learning more about the bible .

Well I'm off to figure out the photo part . See you next time .........................

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farmers Market At Dept Park

This morning we took in the Sanford Farmers Market for some fresh fruit and vegies
and crafts and lots of other good stuff. They had fresh baked good and farm fresh
eggs from free range chickens .

Got to see Caren with her convoluted notions and Caro played on the train while
mommy chatted with her school friends mommy. We spent two hours and came home
with Eggs and fresh local Asparagus. Cant wait for dinner tonight .

Caro is out in the neighbors pool . In April but its almost 90 degrees today .

I am off to find a new book to read while I fold some more laundry so

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A trip to the NC Zoo

Today we spent the day as a family at the Zoo in Asheboro NC. We took the scenic
Rt from our home down 42. What a beautiful drive on a Beautiful Day. Bright and Sunny it was almost 80 degrees . I took lots of beautiful animal photos and once I
figure out how to down load them from my SD card to the computer I will have to post

Saw lots of Cows , horses , goats , and chicken farms along the way.
The zoo required alot of walking and walk we did. My feet are still burning from
spending all day in heels yesterday in Faye. Now they are really sore!
We got upclose but not personal with alot of the African Animals . We saw Elephants
a Rhino, An Ostrich, A chimpanzee names Jonathan, Julie the Giraffe one of the oldest in captivity ( she is 32 years old and most only live to be 30 ) There were
two adorable baby giraffes too. Some Zebras, Baboons , and a few Gorillas and Lions
too. We spent the entire day on the African side and never made it to the North
American side . I guess that will mean another trip to the zoo for this family.

All is well on this side of town. Caro had a wonderful report card , she is growing
so fast , and learning so much. I thought the reading was pretty incredible for
kindergarten and they are doing adding, subtracting and now an introdction to
multiplication tables and some science too. Wow ! All I learned in kindergarten was
to tie my shoe and my address and telephone number. 911 did not exist back then so
we had to dial 0 to get help. Thats it.

Our Daisy Girls had a blast dying Eggs for Easter and having a fun Easter Egg Hunt
and Game night. Our troop sold 1884 boxes of cookies. Not bad for 12 girls ages

Well that s all for tonight . Blessings and plesant dreams

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family update

Wow ! Its been along time since I have logged into my blog. In 21 days we will have been waiting 2 years for our referral. I try to keep busy so I do not think about it
to much. I have stayed busy with Caroline and Girlscouting and Mops. We have all been sick in this house this year. We have had the Flu, Strep throat and Pneumonia
and the stomach bug. We are however all relatively healthy at the moment.

Caroline starts spring break for the next two weeks tomorrow. WE did have,a week
at Easter as well but we lost most of it to make up snow days.

I am very pleased that Caroline has sold about 288.00 boxes of cookies this year.
Well with the help Mom and Dad. We Thank everyone that has ordered and bought cookies from us. We had alot of fun selling cookies and eve better eating the cookies
this family purchased.