Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adoption Anniversery October 22 2008

Okay its official this is our adoption blog and as of October 22,2008 we are now
waiting for 19 months and one day for our very precious cargo in China.
Some days the wait seems incredibly long and other times I realize just how far we have come. There are rumors to abound that we have 19 months down and at least that much more to go.I however will continue to wear my Rose Colored Glasses on,and believe better than that. God has a plan for our family and that is that. Currently the people that are receiving their referrals have waited about 32 to 33 months for them. The last group of referrals covered the families waiting up until Feb 15Th 2006 and possibly some from February 16Th as well.
We have also heard rumors that the CCAC ( China Center for Adoptive Affairs ) are
almost thru processing the March 2007 LID ( Log In Date ) Documents or Dossiers.
This is great news since we only saw the box change to close out the February
Documents on October 8Th 2008. To me every step closer to showing that we are moving right along is okay with me. From here if our documents pass all inspections we should be in line to the Matching Room where a child or children will be matched with our families. Yes I said children because we have requested twins. It all started ,the day before our first home study when we received a mailing from Sears Photography Studios with two Asian Girls on the cover. Our Sweet Caroline told us this is what our babies are going to look like. She told us she wanted two babies , Later that evening when completing our interview with our Social worker we requested Twins as young and as healthy as possible.From that moment on we have believed and prayed for Twins with all our hearts.
James 1:6 in the bible states for us to ask in faith that he who asks in Faith
with no wavering. For the one who wavers is like the billowing surge at sea that is
blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind. Fro truly , let not such a person
imagine that he will receive anything he asks for from the Lord.

Caroline our Dear Daughter has set her mind on her TWO sisters and we have named
them Katie and Zoe We pray for their safety and health and good care giving until
we can bring them safely home in our arms.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Camping Trip

On Friday Oct 10th my younger brother Steve and my Sweet Niece Amber arrived in town
for a camping trip/visit.
As Carolines School was out for intercession she was home all day and watching out
the window. Dressed in an electric Pink tutu style dance costume and black patent
leather dress shoes . She looked to cute. On the brief moments she was away from
the window to eat a snack or use the restroom she would come roaring back into the room exclaiming " Are they here yet" ?
Caroline loves to visit with her family and because we all live in different states
we do not get to visit as often as we all would like. We are trying to change that.

The first night we all went to Elizabeth's for Pizza. We spent at least 3 hours talking and eating non stop. The girls got along so well and had a giggle fest at
one end of the table while we adults enjoyed catch up at the other end.

Saturday Oct 11th 2008

Steve and Amber invited us over for breakfast at the campground and we accepted.
He made yummy Thick sliced Bacon, Sausage patties, Eggs and Pancakes and some
of the best coffee I have tasted on a camping trip .

We sat around and enjoyed a lazy morning on a beautiful day and then took them for
a ride around our town. On the way back to our house Steve saw a really cool home
from the 1920's that was for sale at a really great price. We stopped and got a
brochure and called the realator . Flora called us back and we went to see the house.
I cant tell you enough about this beautiful house. I believe it was from 1929 ,
Hard wood floors thru out the house. Gas fire places and a set of french doors
dividing the Living and Dining room. It even has a butlers pantry. Really nice.
The kitchen needed some TLC and I would work on the bedrooms a bit. The one
bedroom has some beautiful carved crown moulding , The bathroom looks to have been
renovated in 1970 something. There is an upstairs that is not completed. There is
a floor and electricity but it goes over the whole house and you could easily turn
it into two or three bedrooms . My favorite thing about it was this huge white
screened in front porch with a swing. All of my dream homes have this feature.
While we were talking about what you could do to the house the realator suggests
we meet the lady across the street who was renovating a darling craftsman home from
about 1920. Lydia was a warm and wonderful lady and so gracious to show us her home.
She has turned it into a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home and was currently working on the
kitchen , she added some arch ways and her choices for color were just exquiste.
Long story short Steve wants this house and he wants Tricia ( his wife ) to manage
the refinishing of this house. As far as I know he has made an offer but I have not
talked to him since.

Saturday night we went back to the Campsight bringing with us sleeping bags and blankets and we joined them for a wonderful campfire. We roasted marshmallows, and
wienies and made s'mores . My brother suprised me again with a great pot of beef
stu and crusty bread and hot apple cider by the fire. I was in heaven.

Sunday Oct 12th

We had a church service at the chapel on the lake with both Steve my brother and Stu
my dear hubby reading devotions and the bible. It was so peaceful and refreshing.
Afterwards we had another big Steve o rino breakfast. Eggs bacon sausage and waffles by the fire with Coffee.
Then we took them down to Cary and the guys went one direction and the gals another.
we went to Hallmark to look at Christmas Ornaments and Webkinz and to Michaels for
Craft supplies to make a take and decorate pumpkin. The girls eached picked crowns
and earrings and glitter and googly eyes to complete their master piece.
Sunday night as the we adults enjoyed another beautiful campfire the girls decorated
their pumpkins. Fun Fun Fun !

Monday Oct 13th

All to soon we had to say goodbye. Caroline had to go back to school so I spent time
with Amber while the boys repacked the RV. I took her down to the Nature center
where we checked out a variety of rescued animals. They have snakes,turtles, and
two baby flying squirrels. Outside they have barred owls, Horned owls, some hawks,
a turkey vulture and a black vulture. I think she enjoyed it very much.
Caroline was so sad that her cousin had to leave and she has talked about nothing
but since they left.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whoopee ! I am now a new Girl Scout Leader. On Monday I finnished my final leadership training . We ended with a Friendship circle and reflecting on what we would want our Girls to say about us ( leaders ) 10 years down the road.
My thought was that,I would want them to honor me the way I feel I am honoring the incredible Girl scout Leaders from my past.
What great memories Girl Scouting brings back to me! We had such ablast during that time in my life. I am finding that I am still on that same Girl Scout journey,
I started back in 1967.
I will be the Leader for Daisy Girl Scout Troop 575. Daisy's are Kindergarten and 1st graders.So my girls should be about 5 and 6 years old and we have about 11 girls signed up.
On Tuesday we had our Parent meeting and we had 8 moms and daughters to show up .
We had two offers for Cookie Mom and two offers for First Aide Postions. I am very excited about our first meeting Next Monday.
Caro is so so excited about the Girl Scouts And she is very proud of her Leader Mom too.
We practise the Girl Scout Promise and Law at least once per day .

The Girl Scout Promise

On my honor , I will try
To serve God and my country ,
To help other people all the times
And Live by the Girl Scout Law.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello and Welcome to Our Daisy Blog ! This is one project that has taken me 18 months to start.
I honestly did not have the nerve to write this before now. I mean what in the world did one
put in a blog? What would I write about. So I have now read and I keep up with quite a few
blogs and timelines and adoption journals etc.

So I am jumping off the high dive ..............................