Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today is Sunday April 4, 2009. Easter Sunday. Thought I would add a
few photos from Our Easter Celebration and Traditions. Yesterday we
went to the neighbors for a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt . Caroline and I
also got pedicures. We dyed Easter Eggs this week. And went to church
to celebrate Easter and Jesus Sacrifice for us. Today " He is Risen"
I made an early supper for us Ham , Squash Cassarole , Macaronie Salad ,
and deviled eggs. Cant wait to eat !

Next year at this time we will have two little girls instead of just one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


On Friday We got an email from the Travel Coordinator from our Agency . Still in
Myrtle Beach for Carolines Cheer Competition we waited until we got home to read
the documents. Wow What alot of reading . On Tuesday we filled out the Docs and scanned and emailed them to Krista the Travel person.
She reviewed and sent them as approved today. We also received our corrected 171-H
From the USCIS in Raleigh and Scanned and Emailed them to Leah our Family Co ordinator. Tomorrow we will priority mail them to the agency for actual processing
and getting our Visas while we await our TA from China. One Step Closer !

Today I would love to order the Care package for our Girl !