Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today is Sunday April 4, 2009. Easter Sunday. Thought I would add a
few photos from Our Easter Celebration and Traditions. Yesterday we
went to the neighbors for a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt . Caroline and I
also got pedicures. We dyed Easter Eggs this week. And went to church
to celebrate Easter and Jesus Sacrifice for us. Today " He is Risen"
I made an early supper for us Ham , Squash Cassarole , Macaronie Salad ,
and deviled eggs. Cant wait to eat !

Next year at this time we will have two little girls instead of just one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


On Friday We got an email from the Travel Coordinator from our Agency . Still in
Myrtle Beach for Carolines Cheer Competition we waited until we got home to read
the documents. Wow What alot of reading . On Tuesday we filled out the Docs and scanned and emailed them to Krista the Travel person.
She reviewed and sent them as approved today. We also received our corrected 171-H
From the USCIS in Raleigh and Scanned and Emailed them to Leah our Family Co ordinator. Tomorrow we will priority mail them to the agency for actual processing
and getting our Visas while we await our TA from China. One Step Closer !

Today I would love to order the Care package for our Girl !

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our family Coordinator has recieved our package and we are awaiting Daddy to come
home from work so we can Hit the beach !

Teal Black and White Now and Forever .........................

Journey of the RA Paperwork

Our RA Paperwork is in Virginia and should be delivered to the office this am.

We are taking Ana for a walk and then packing for Battle AT the Beach Cheer Competition this week end in Myrtle Beach SC.

Go Cheer Extreme Allstars !

Yesterday one of Carolines team mates broke her arm and we had an emergency
practise where they revamped the routine and Caroline will be flying and Chloe
is pinch hitting for McKenna. Cant wait to see the complete Cheer tomorrow
at the Beach Pictures to come

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sending Back the RA

We got our RA paperwork by FED Express yesterday morning at 1010 AM . So exciting.
Stu and I worked on it last night after dinner and today we are fed X ing it back to our Agency.

Our 171-h is in the mail on the way to our home. Caroline and I will be working on our photo album for our Zoe Girl today !
We will share some of those photos this afternoon .

Monday, March 22, 2010

3 year Anniversery Gift !

Introducing Zoe Katherine Danyue Wheeless . She is 16 months old about 26 inches tall and 15 lbs. She lives in Nancheng , Jianxi China but will soon be coming home to her forever family
in Sanford North Carolina .

We got our referral for this precious bundle of Joy on Feb 10th and accepted it the very next day. On March 4th ( her 16 month birthday ) we recieved our Pre approval from China

Today is our 3 year anniversery of our Log In Date for China March 22, 2007.

Today we recieved our Referral Acceptance from China . This paperwork allows us to come to China to bring home the former Yuan DanYue. We have been told that Yuan is her last name and it translates to mean School. I have not been able to find out What Danyue means .

She does have a heart murmur but we are agreeing and praying that this will heal itself before we return home from China.

Time to work on that Nursery . We chose a beautiful Green to go with her bedding the color is called ZENGARDEN . I think that it was chosen by God. Nothing else matched the bedding quite right. Well dinner time I hope to post Nursery photos here soon. I will begin to bring out the crib pieces and highchair and such very soon.

In three years I have not purchased one outfit for this child because I had no clue when , who. size , age etc. Unfortunatly most of that is still a blank we hope to fill in the coming days .


Monday, February 22, 2010

Today is 35 months since we began our adoption journey to our Zoe Katherine. We have had
many mountains and valleys , stopped at some pot holes. All in all the journey has not been
so bad. Soon we will be able to post and share with the world what we already know.


Today is Feb 22 , 2010 and we have much to celebrate this month.

One of those things is Valentines Day ! Caroline and I made her school Valentines this year.

We cut out 2.5 inch hearts in red and pinks and we glued them to white paper doileys.

She wrote her classmates names on them and we added a bad with a chocolate or Pink iced

heart shaped little Debbie Cake in a Valentine bag. We attached the bags to her homemade

Valentines. She carried them to school in a white basket with red hearts on it.

We had alot of fun making the valentines and eating the left over cakes !

January 2010

Sadly in January we bid good bye to our silly funny joyful Molly Dog . She fought so hard to

stay with us. She lost her battle to Cancer on January 30th 2010. What a ride she gav e us .

Charleston New Year

For New Years we went to Charleston to see our friends and move
some furniture we inherited from Stus parents to North Carolina.
We stayed at the TLF on Charleston AFB . I got to go our with
some of my friends for a " Girls Night Out " It so filled my cup
The photo is of Beth , Lisa, Chris , Faith and Me . We had dinner
at O Charleys and the converstaion was constant ! I


Cheer leading Photos

Caroline has been involved in Competative Cheer leading since June. She has been in two

competitions so far and one Show Case. She absolutely LOVES it ! They have taken a

2nd place and a 3rd place. The next two showcases were cancelled for weather and holdiays.

Our next competition is next week end In Durham.

I found the photos I was looking for

November 2009

In November 2009 We lost Grandma Madjerac to her age. She was 97 1/2 and she lived a long
long life. Sadly she was not in a place where she recognised anyone anymore and she could
no longer talk. RIP Grammie !

The family also spent some time with my brother and Niece in Virgina and My mom also
joined us. I will add photos if I can find them. okay no luck with those photos they are uploaded to picasa and not walmart where I usually keep them.

October 2009

October was not my best month. First Our Bailey Dog got sick and then she passed away.

4 months later and I still look for her when we come home from somewhere . Molly also

started showing signs of something in her nose. If you know Molly and how mischievious she

is you would have thought what we did she inhaled a bead or something up her nose .

I will post a photo of the cake I made , Bailey and Molly if I can find her and my sweet

Caroline in her Hula Girl Costume.

September Family Vacation

On September 19th 2009 our family took a vacation to Honolulu Hawaii.

We had a wonderful time took many tours played on the beach a little the surf was really

rough at dangerous levels. We took in a Luau for Caroline and just relaxed . The weather

beautiful. I will post a few photos above .

Cow Girl Caroline' s 7th Birthdaythe Party

On August 22, 2009 Caroline turned 7 years old. Cant believe my little peanut is growing up

so fast. She chose a Cowgirl Birthday Theme and we had a pink cowgirl boot for her cake.

She has 7 little guests and some little sisters too. We also invited Miss Aimee and Mr Dave

and Miss Karen and Mr Bob from our Adoption Group and It was good to see everyone again.

The photos below are of the cake I made and the little girls that attended her birthday party.
This Photo is from the First Day of First Grade July 2009 .
Her new Teacher is Ms Robin Beeker.

Sunday, February 21, 2010