Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family update

Wow ! Its been along time since I have logged into my blog. In 21 days we will have been waiting 2 years for our referral. I try to keep busy so I do not think about it
to much. I have stayed busy with Caroline and Girlscouting and Mops. We have all been sick in this house this year. We have had the Flu, Strep throat and Pneumonia
and the stomach bug. We are however all relatively healthy at the moment.

Caroline starts spring break for the next two weeks tomorrow. WE did have,a week
at Easter as well but we lost most of it to make up snow days.

I am very pleased that Caroline has sold about 288.00 boxes of cookies this year.
Well with the help Mom and Dad. We Thank everyone that has ordered and bought cookies from us. We had alot of fun selling cookies and eve better eating the cookies
this family purchased.