Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farmers Market At Dept Park

This morning we took in the Sanford Farmers Market for some fresh fruit and vegies
and crafts and lots of other good stuff. They had fresh baked good and farm fresh
eggs from free range chickens .

Got to see Caren with her convoluted notions and Caro played on the train while
mommy chatted with her school friends mommy. We spent two hours and came home
with Eggs and fresh local Asparagus. Cant wait for dinner tonight .

Caro is out in the neighbors pool . In April but its almost 90 degrees today .

I am off to find a new book to read while I fold some more laundry so

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A trip to the NC Zoo

Today we spent the day as a family at the Zoo in Asheboro NC. We took the scenic
Rt from our home down 42. What a beautiful drive on a Beautiful Day. Bright and Sunny it was almost 80 degrees . I took lots of beautiful animal photos and once I
figure out how to down load them from my SD card to the computer I will have to post

Saw lots of Cows , horses , goats , and chicken farms along the way.
The zoo required alot of walking and walk we did. My feet are still burning from
spending all day in heels yesterday in Faye. Now they are really sore!
We got upclose but not personal with alot of the African Animals . We saw Elephants
a Rhino, An Ostrich, A chimpanzee names Jonathan, Julie the Giraffe one of the oldest in captivity ( she is 32 years old and most only live to be 30 ) There were
two adorable baby giraffes too. Some Zebras, Baboons , and a few Gorillas and Lions
too. We spent the entire day on the African side and never made it to the North
American side . I guess that will mean another trip to the zoo for this family.

All is well on this side of town. Caro had a wonderful report card , she is growing
so fast , and learning so much. I thought the reading was pretty incredible for
kindergarten and they are doing adding, subtracting and now an introdction to
multiplication tables and some science too. Wow ! All I learned in kindergarten was
to tie my shoe and my address and telephone number. 911 did not exist back then so
we had to dial 0 to get help. Thats it.

Our Daisy Girls had a blast dying Eggs for Easter and having a fun Easter Egg Hunt
and Game night. Our troop sold 1884 boxes of cookies. Not bad for 12 girls ages

Well that s all for tonight . Blessings and plesant dreams