Monday, June 22, 2009

Anniversery Day

How many anniversaries will be have before we get our girl/s ? Today is 2 years and
3 months that we are Logged in with China . From what I am reading in recent referrals received it appears that maybe it will be about 3 years and about a month or so. That puts us sometime in April 2010. That is my birthday month. So that would
make a nice birthday present . Oh heck it would make a nice present any day of the
week month or year we get that news .

It still does not feel real I guess when you get that call it gets real Quick !
Congrats to all of those families that have received that present this week .

Sadly we our month of June has not been with out sad news. Our dear Friends Tom
and Lisa Floyd lost Toms Dad and just a week later Stu's dad went on to be with
Jesus and Mu mu. We know he is in a better place and he is happy now. He has suffered for a year and 1/2 since we lost MU in Jan 07 he has gone down hill at a
steady pace. Difficult to watch. Honestly it was a relief to see him go on but it
is still hard on us. Losing both of his parents in the less than 2 years we are gone from Charleston.

Today is another special day it is Carolin's first time at Summer camp. I cant believe my baby is old enough to attend. She chose Horseback riding camp and has been there since 8 am this morning. So I will go and pick her up and hopefully catch photo of her on her first day that I can post here later.

I will be back later to tell her story.

Back home again. I rushed off to pick up Caroline and be there early enough to snap a photo or
two before it ended but it was over when I got there. The instructor told me she did really well.
She went on a trail ride in the woods and she rode a horse called " Cuz " today. I did get a photo
of her by one of the horses this afternoon and I will try to figure out how to post it on here today.
Tomorrow I will take a photo at drop off and pick up.

We stopped by a Theresa's house on the way home to pick up my keys and pampered chef .
It was so nice to see her again . We were gone for the funeral and then she and her family
were gone on their summer vacation . I missed my buddy . We left her house about 1pm
and I thought we had to go to Cheer leading. So I rushed Caroline in the house and out of her
clothes and into Cheer leading clothes and get washed and eat quick we have to go.
Only to get to Cheer leading and find out its Monday and we have Cheer leading on Tues , Wed, & Thursdays . Oh me ! I am however relieved because Caro is tired after being up late last night
and getting up early for Summer camp this morning.

We have Vacation Bible School tonight at 630 pm . They are teaching about the extreme life
of Abraham. Always great for learning more about the bible .

Well I'm off to figure out the photo part . See you next time .........................